Army training is known as the toughest training process in the defence section. There are many training process are there in this section. There are normally three phases in the Army training like gunfighter phase, patriot phase and warrior phase.

Patriot Phase:

In this phase the candidates are well trained in the sector of military customs, seven army values. In this training session the candidates are trained how to be a loyal, duty oriented, honor and develop your personality and courage. This training session actually build a good army soldier and also enhance the ability of the candidate.


Phase In this session the candidates are given the weapons training. They normally learn how to use the weapon and the other rifle. They learn how to use hand grenade and the other bombs. The candidates also learn how to use the advance technology which is used in the army carrier.

Warrior Phase:

In this phase the candidate learn the individual job skills. It this training session the candidate learns different jobs starting from a plumber to the missile launcher. This training is quite good for the development of the candidate by this a candidate can easily handle any type of job without any hassle.

These three Army training section normally prepare a candidate the most eligible. These training normally prepare the candidate and assist them to develop both the mentally and physically strong. There are many army coaching centers are there in the India. They provide all types of army training by which a candidate can prepare before the main interview and the main training session. The exam process is very strict and tough. Yuva academy provides the best training and coaching center in the world. They have professional trainer who prepare the candidates with all types of training so that they can easily clear the training process of the Indian Army. They have branches in Hyderabad, vizag and Vijayawada. The main motto of this coaching center is to provide better training and the personal development.

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